Every object and every being maintains a certain natural charge that is subject to reciprocal interaction and exchange. The playing field in which we all exist and interact in is a giant bath of cosmic Energy.

Each of us also exists as a unique thread within the overall Divine fabric that flows with the most sacred of charges. This fabric is always within our grasp.

Our Souls radiate with Divine Energy. Souls operate freely and joyfully within this field.

Our Bodies our capable of channeling Divine Energy. Yet humans are also born into struggle; we struggle against a peaceful coexistence with the Divine as we encounter such Earthly energies as ego and fear.

Still, we have also been appointed and anointed as alchemists of this Divine Energy so that we might allow it to bubble up and pervade our everyday experience.

At least, we have this potential.

The Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements is aimed at helping people to alchemize or “match” their personal Energy to that of their soul, and therefore to that of the Divine.

We have great control over our personal Energy. Every single word, thought, emotion and action that we allow to pass through and from our being is charged with Energy that reflects its origins and intention. We have the power to transform and transmute the Energies we create and those we interact with to be more in concert with the Divine.

The impact of the charges of Energy that we create and/or move with can be speculated upon but not predicted nor controlled with any certain degree of accuracy. Instead of being too narrowly focused on attempts to manipulate Energy to somehow serve ourselves, the intention to simply match our Energy with that of the Divine may be the most appropriate way we can work with our Energy. We recognize that our skills and abilities as “alchemists of Divine Energy” will never surpass the artistry and grand design of the overall Divine Energy of the Universe.

Surrendering to, and working with, all of the Energies around us versus resisting and/or attempting to overly control and manipulate these Energies is a desirable skill. Being “tuned in” to our personal Energy and the Energy immediately around us is a central task.

There is an Energy that is always within us that never changes, regardless of life experience, socialization and culture. This is our “Soul Energy” which transcends Earthly affairs. This Energy seeks to rise up, be known and be seen. We must do our best to remove the obstacles to the expression of our Soul Energy.

With Humility, doing our best to allow our Soul Energy to rise up so that we may match our personal Energy to that of the Divine is integral to the path of awakening.

The Nomenclature of Energy

Beyond the physical sciences and the healing and esoteric arts, humans make much of dissecting, discussing and devising different types of nomenclature for various classes of Energy. We do this as a method of exploration and/or imposing a prioritization of philosophy.

We may all be familiar with different fields that emphasize certain types of Energy. Astrology is the study of the subtle Energies of the planets and stars and their potential impact upon us. Feng Shui is the study of the Energy of space. Chakras relate to different Energy centers of the human Body. Reiki is about working with healing Energies of the Body as well. Tantra can be about matching the Energy of sex and intimacy with Divinity.

The Five Classic Elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Ether), Karma, Law of Attraction, Chi, Kundalini, Divine Feminine/Masculine, Yin and Yang, “the raising of our vibrations,” the details of “soul ascension” and just plain old “good or bad vibes” are all ways of describing the nature of Energy in general.

Each classification and manner of study of Energy will also have its own Energy. Different fields of Energetic study will resonate with what your personal Energy inherently is. It can be an interesting observation of our own Energy (and of our own Truth) to note how we are attracted to certain philosophies or courses of Energetic study and not others.

For me, looking through different lenses of how the overall field (or some specific aspect of the field) of Energy operates can be helpful. Many philosophies of Energy resonate with me. Some simply don’t.

I don’t know if there is any study, however, which prevails beyond the understanding of how Divine Energy unites the Universe. In looking at this, our task is to simply match our personal Energy with Divine Energy as best we can. I tend to believe that once we think we have it all figured out and have mastered how Energy works, that is when we get ourselves in trouble. There may be unintended consequences. We don’t always know the ripple effects and the variables at play. There are a lot of variables to each situation yet we still operate within a world where unconscious behavior and commensurate Energies tend to prevail.

We humans also exercise Freewill within our constant Energy interactions. I choose to exercise my Freewill to be humble in the face of the intersection (and sometime onslaught) of many Energies at once. I choose to never presume mastery over any field of Energy. I choose to be aware of all of the energies around me as best I can. I choose to remain open to different views on how Energy might be studied. I choose to focus on matching my own Energy to that of the Divine to the best of my abilities.

“Trying to control the future is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place. When you handle the master carpenter’s tools, chances are that you will cut your hand.” -Lao Tzu

My Own Nomenclature of Energy

The Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements has a certain Energy to me. It is an Energy that matches with the Tree of Life in contrast to the Tree of Knowledge, as discussed in the Introduction to this book. In the Intro, I discussed how true understanding of the Tree of Life requires a “more Intuitive, receptive and flexible mind set.”

This is the language of the Yin. This is the language of the Energy of the Divine Feminine.

When we think of the classifications of Yin Energy, we tend include descriptors like: Intuitive, Accepting, Receptive, Fluid, Collaborative, Communion, Nurturing, Feeling, Humility, and Allowance.

This Energy bends and folds; it works with the Energies around it.

Meanwhile, descriptors of Yang (or traditionally masculine) Energy might include: Aggressive, Controlling, Individual, Rigid, Rational, Striving, Competitive, Physical, Dominant, and Resisting.

Yang Energy attempts to control the Energies around it. This is not the Energy of the Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements as I experience it.

I love the Divine Feminine and I love Yin. I believe that these are the Energies of the Tree of Life and these are the Energies that make the Table a healing and transformational tool, possibly guiding people towards awakening.

I believe that the Table is about letting one’s Soul Energy rise to match Divinity. Yin or Feminine Energy is Soul Energy to me. It is the Energy we all need to experience for awakening work, regardless of gender. This doesn’t mean that men should abandon their Divinely masculine traits. But is does mean we should embrace our Soul Energy and let it prevail in the context of doing this work. This approach jibes with the saying, “The meek shall inherit the Earth” or rather, “The Yin shall inherit the Earth,” i.e. those who are humble, receptive and flexible shall receive, or have access to, the rewards of Divinity.

We could ask men to embrace their Divine Feminine, and women definitely should embrace this Energy as a matter of personal empowerment and celebration. I think, however, that we can be more inviting towards men if we ask them to embrace their “Soul Energy” instead. Men might need the most help accessing this due to traditional patterns of masculine socialization.

What would be that part of us that never changes as we come to Earth in many bodies, at different times and in different forms, both male and female? That part of us is our Soul Energy that is aligned with Divinity.

It may be true that the overall Energy of the Divine is what we have come to call the Feminine. Yet, in putting it in this context, we have placed a gender association on it and perhaps we shouldn’t. Men, on the other hand, have controlled much of society throughout the ages and have tended to promote a perception of Divinity within a more masculine construct. This perception has taken us away from our True nature and the True nature of the Divine. In contrast, the Genesis story ironically says that it is the female, Eve, who leads Adam (i.e. Humanity) towards the more Yang/masculine Tree of Knowledge. It is worthy to note that that traditional biblical story was most likely written by men.

What is commonly thought of as traditionally patriarchal and masculine Energy I tend to think of as Egoic Energy. Egoic Energy wants to be the boss. It wants to control. It wants to resist. It wants to always compete and win. It wants immediate satisfaction for its needs. It is obsessed with how it is viewed, always wanting to impress others. Women can have this Energy just as much as men but men tend to have it more often. Perhaps this is simply because we come down here encased in bigger, more physical Bodies. Who knows?

For me, egoic Energy is the Energy of an Unconscious Self, while Soul Energy is the Energy of one’s True self that reflects one’s own Divinity.

In my very Simplified world, I look to embrace and consciously raise my Soul Energy─ my Divine Energy, that is─ at the complete expense of my egoic Energy.

At the threshold where our Soul Energy surpasses our unconscious, or egoic, Energy (See Trinity), we begin to awaken.

Concentric Circles of Energy

I picture concentric circles of various Energies emanating from within us and scaling out all around us. Each circle impacts us from within or from without in various ways.

At the center within is the Pearl in the Mud, so to speak. It is the Divinity that always exists at our core and is inclined towards ascension if allowed. Surrounding that is the Energy present in our own Bodies and psyches based upon our early life experiences, our daily expression of thoughts, our emotions and the Energies we let in from our most immediate surroundings and relationships.

Each family has its own unique Energy as well, which gets imposed upon each member of the unit in some manner. On the problematic side, trauma and suppression of self may be part of this dynamic. We could simply be part of a family where feelings are not expressed or everything is about performance and appearances to the outer world. We may have been raised in an environment where the Energy of addiction drew the attention of caregivers.

If we suffered trauma or abuse as a child (or anytime in life for that matter) and could not process nor make sense of those experiences at the time, we will hold onto the commensurate Energy of them until we process and release it. Until it is fully processed, this Energy will impact our lives as we attempt to mask, match or deny it. We can repeat traumatic relationships and experiences in unconscious attempts to resolve them. We can hold on to the Energy of trauma and “victimhood” or the Energy of shame. What is PTSD but the Energy of trauma trapped within the Body and the psyche itself?

Those Energies of our childhood wounds and traumas may attract addictive behaviors that then add another layer of Energy. If we suffer addictions, the Energy of those addictions will tend to dominate our Body and psyche, closing off healthier Energy flows. We create another ring of Energy with each thought or word we experience on a day-to-day basis. We are always creating or taking in Energy of a certain color and flavor via our own thoughts and words or those of others; every Energy we experience is possibly eliciting some emotional response as well.

For example, imagine that you walk into a classroom and hear the words “Pop quiz!” There is an immediate creation of Energy that will happen within you. The Energy will be either anxiety or confidence (if you are prepared for the quiz, that is) or somewhere in between. Each thought, emotion or word we create and/or experience has the potential to create Energies of different kinds within us.

A racial slur may have the Energy of hundreds of years of hate and oppression behind it.

Emotional Energy must be allowed to move and flow out; the root word of emotion is “motion,” i.e. the movement of emotional Energy.

We have tremendous power to regulate the circle of Energy within us. We can control its impact upon us by being Mindful of our own thoughts and emotions and monitoring the torrent of external stimuli that is always around us. These external stimuli could be the TV shows we watch, the music we listen to, the places we hang out in and the company we keep. In these realms, we are the gatekeepers for what moves in and out of us.

The Energies of other relationships surround this inner circle. These Energies are then followed by the concentric circles that might contain social convention, culture, and institutions that shape us.

Lastly, I like to think we have the Energy of the Divine surrounding us from the greater Universe and the overall cosmic fabric as well. This circle calls out for our own core Divine energy to rise up out of the mud (i.e. up and out from the more suppressive Energies within us) and be expressed.

All of the fields of Energy around us interact in different ways: pushing, pulling, overlapping, flexing, contracting, exploding, or lying dormant. Our job is to gain some awareness of all of these Energies and how they might be interacting.

Energy Management

Through awareness, we can start to manage the fields of Energy we create and those that impact us. We can watch each thought. We can engage in Healing to release old energies. We can trend towards matching the Divine Energy of others via the company we keep and our Service in society. We can find our tribe. We can find our Truth.

We are responsible for managing the overall Energy of our lives: what we create and what we take on. We have the greatest control over our innermost concentric circles and we can simply focus our attention there if we want. Our task in life is to shed the Energies that detract from our Divinity and to create and match those that do.

At different times in our lives, we may be more susceptible to taking on Energies that could detract from our Divine energy. We have to be careful at those times and have clear boundaries as to the Energies we take on.

At other times, our personal Energy has evolved and we simply don’t take on Energies that might detract from the Divine. I remember being young and what I consider now to be a fairly unconscious human being. I was able to go to a place like a casino and enjoy the Energy of that venue. I did not think much of it in a spiritual way. As I started my spiritual path and began shedding the layers of problematic Energy I carried with me from my childhood, I became more sensitive to the energies I exposed myself too. Now I couldn’t go into a casino without feeling that the Energy there just did not resonate with me. To me, it would not be Divine.

At the same time, while I don’t usually go into casinos these days, I feel I could pass through one without taking on or being overwhelmed by the Energy there, even though it would likely still not resonate with me. I feel stronger spiritually now, whereas during my initial spiritual work, I was more susceptible to taking on Energy that did not resonate with me.

What I am saying is this: the spiritual path gets better the more you are on it! Over time, awareness increases and we are better able to manage the Energies we take on. Some of us will be more sensitive to these Energies than others. Again, we are all individually responsible for the Energy we create, take on and allow to arise within us.

In terms of managing our Energy, I like to remind people that it also takes Energy to be mediocre, i.e. to hold back from your True path. That same Energy can be used to rise up, expand and be one’s higher self. If we are not living our Truth and our fullest potential in some way, we are likely holding back. This holding back is sometimes a result of Energy we took on at some point that tells us to be careful, to play it safe and to not be our full, best and True self. The Energy of our “full, best and True self” is expansive (see Infinitude Element), while holding it back takes the Energy of containment. Mediocrity eventually drains us if we do not nip it in the bud quickly.

Attracting Abundance

There is much talk these days about the Energies of the Law of Attraction and especially about attracting abundance. Techniques associated with this philosophy, like visualization, definitely work up to a certain level (See Optimism). At higher levels, though, attempting to manipulate and direct the Energies of the Universe can turn out to be a slippery slope. We might be attempting to operate “outside of our pay grade” in an attempt to interfere with Divine will. My thoughts on this subject are reflected by the Lao Tzu quote noted earlier: “Trying to control the future is like trying to take the master carpenter’s place. When you handle the master carpenter’s tools, chances are that you will cut your hand.”

I feel that in working with various interpretations of what is known as the Law of Attraction, we are to be humble (always deferring to serving Divine Energy) and we are not to fall into self-importance to the point that we think we can overtly control the Energies of the Divine Universe. When we do this same Law of Attraction work in a deferential manner with Service in mind and simply living and being our Truth, the Universe, as they say, will conspire to aid us in giving us all that we need.

It is easy to focus on wanting abundance alone, or wanting it solely in a material way. When we focus in this way, however, we can mistakenly be striving for egoic wants that may be driven by social convention.

I tell people not to worry about putting Energy into attracting abundance. I say that being fixated on abundance is focusing on “being something outside of ourselves” rather than something we already are. I tell them to set their intentions but put their overall Energy into simply living their Truth. Truth is the great attractor. When we live our Truth, we are matching our Soul Energy with the Divine. We will achieve spiritual abundance for sure when we do this and whatever other type of abundance might be part of our overall soul’s journey will naturally arrive. We pay our bills however we can in the meantime.

Be wary of Egoic Energy that can sometimes attract exactly what we want; these achievements will eventually ring hollow. Walking our Truth and being in our Soul Energy may give us barely what we need at times, and that is okay. During these times, we are being tested and encouraged to move forward in a creative way. Discerning between the Energies of the ego and the energies of Truth is a key task of awakening and spiritual growth.

What also might detract from abundance coming our way (and detract from us living our Truth) could be some other Energy we have taken on which is acting as a barrier. This could be a childhood wound that says we don’t matter and that we are good enough. It could be an underlying feeling of shame. While these energies exist within us, our lives will tend to match those energies in lieu of the Divine. In this way, the concept of Energy matching plays out.

What may really activate any laws of attraction in your life is simply the removal of such barriers. Our own Energy might also be best put towards Healing endeavors as a matter of ultimately discerning our Truth and then enjoying any abundance that may come with that work.

“Everything we do is infused with the energy with which we do it. If we’re frantic, life will be frantic. If we’re peaceful, life will be peaceful.” – Marianne Williamson


Much of the entire Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements is about creating an Energy that matches that of Divinity. Almost everything supports this element. For me, Equanimity plays a large role in that it creates a clear place from which one can better gauge the Energies within and around us. It also implies that we have acquired an Energy of inner peace.

Simplicity, Non-attachment, Acceptance, Non-Judgment, Healing and Forgiveness also play big roles in releasing Energies that don’t serve us.

Love, Gratitude, Humility, Joy, Bliss, Wonder, Infinitude and Surrender are conducive to Divine Energy rising up within us.

Being present in the Now creates a neutral ground where we are receptive to receiving and releasing the appropriate Energies.

Mindfulness and Self-Awareness help us to monitor where are Energies are at.


  • Practice Meditation on a daily basis, even if just for brief periods. We can achieve more of a “neutral state” when we Meditate. It lends itself to Communion with Divine Energy. It trains us to be Mindful of Energy in general as well.
  • Practice Mindfulness at all times. Be aware of your thoughts, your Body and your emotions that are occurring at all times. Do this for the sake of discovering the Energy these sensations create.
  • Feel your feelings as they occur. Process them and release them in an appropriate manner as close to when they occur as possible. Remember that “motion” is where “emotions” come from. Move your emotions and then move through them.
  • In a relaxed or quasi-meditative state, practice the following visualization with eyes closed: Picture water spiraling down a drain at or near your feet. Silently contemplate letting go of all Energy that is not yours or that does not serve you. Allow all of this to go down into the drain in spiral fashion. Repeat the visualization several times. Next, picture a bright ball of Light above your head, basketball-sized. Ask that it give you all the Energy that is yours. Repeat the request a few times. Express Gratitude to end the exercise.
  • Run your Energy: Sit down in a chair or on the ground to engage in Meditation or breathing and relaxation exercises. Keep a straight spine with eyes closed. Ask for and visualize that any Energy not serving you leave your Body. Ask that this energy leave you through where you are in contact with the Earth, or imagine a cord moving down from your spine into the center of the Earth and visualize the energy being dispersed through it. Now imagine a bright ball of Light above your head. Ask for and visualize Light from this source to return any Energy that you have given away, or any Divine Energy that might serve you. Picture that Light entering through the crown of your head. Now, imagine Light from this source visiting each part of your Body as it engages in cleansing and reinvigorating you with Divine Energy. If you are familiar with each of the Chakra Energy centers of the Body, run this Energy through each Chakra, from the root Chakra upward. Repeat as necessary and allow the Light to linger where it wants to. When you reach a point where you feel this cleansing work is done for the time being, give thanks for the Energy and Healing received.

Engage in practices related to the elements of Simplicity, Non-Attachment, Non-Judgment, Acceptance Forgiveness, and Healing for the purposes of releasing Energy not serving you.


I am pure Energy; I am Peace at this moment, Courageous and willfully present.

I Am Here to Rise; I Am Here to Rise Up and Raise my Vibration.

I am ready to be seen; I am ready to be visible.

Let Me Hear My Truth.

I Am Soul Energy. I Am My Truth