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1.     DIVINITY – God, Soul, Remembrance Separateness, Ignorance, Loneliness, External Validation, Shame
2.     HUMANITY- Pearl in the Mud, Divine Expression on Earth, Creation, Miracle Ego Dominance, Fear, Ignorance, Base Instincts
3.     TRINITY- Reconciliation, Synthesis, Integration, Awakening, Actualization, Paradox Unconscious, Divided, Conflict
4.     TRUTH- Mission, Path, Purpose, Dharma, Honesty, Authenticity, Synchronicity Falsity, Hypocrisy, Settling, Practicality, Socialization
5.     LOVE -Adoration, Care, Kindness, Affection, Friendship, Passion Possession, Expectation, Fear, Jealousy, Cruelty, Indifference, Self-Hate, External Validation, Shame, Contempt
6.     EQUANIMITY- Inner Peace, Composure, Calm, Tranquility, Emotional Intelligence Reactive, Mental Chaos, Drama
7.     BLISS- Agape, Spiritual Ecstasy Suffering, Misery, Loneliness, Addiction, Distraction
8.     GRATITUDE- Thankfulness, Appreciation, Honor Entitlement, Ambivalence, Envy, Resentment, Suffering
9.     HUMILITY- Humbleness, Deference, Receptivity, Meekness Self-Importance. Arrogance, Hubris, Vanity, Rigidity, Perfectionism
10.   COURAGE- Fortitude, Bravery, Clarity Avoidance, Cowardice, Ambivalence
11.   FAITH- Trust, Belief, Tolerance for Uncertainty, Vulnerability Doubt, Fear, Desire to Control, Perfectionism
12.   ACCEPTANCE- Non-Resistance, Reality, Receptivity, Acknowledgement Resistance, Denial, Refusal, Desire to Control
13.   DEVOTION- Living Prayer, Worship, Reverence, Praise, Loyalty, Commitment Separateness, Divided Worship, Expectation
14.   JOY- Happiness, Contentment, Fun, Humor, Play, Spontaneity, Celebration Sadness, Ambivalence, Perfectionism
15.   PEACE- Harmony, Conflict Resolution, Understanding, Non-Violence Chaos, Conflict, Disagreement
16.   RESPECT-Ahimsa, Courtesy, Validation, Honor, Namaste, Dignity, Tolerance Disdain, Judgment, Self-Importance, Intolerance, Self-Pity, Harm
17.   EMPATHY- Compassion, Golden Rule Apathy, Judgment, Disdain, Indifference, Contempt
18.   NURTURANCE- Care, Health, Guidance, Teaching, Mentorship, Stewardship, Encouragement Indifference, Neglect, Sabotage, Jealousy
19.   NONATTACHMENT- Letting Go, Transition, Impermanence, Renunciation Clinginess, Status Quo, Greed, Fear, Craving, Addiction, Materialism
20.   GENEROSITY- Giving, Sympathy, Helpfulness, Selflessness, Altruism, Charity Selfishness, Consumption, Indifference, Scarcity, Pettiness
21.   PERSEVERANCE- Patience, Resilience, Endurance, Playing the Long Game Immediate Gratification, Short-sightedness, Haste, Quitting
22.   JUSTICE- Fairness, Equity, Accountability, Karma Persecution, Injustice, Bias, Wrong, Irresponsibility
23.   REASON- Rationality, Knowledge, Logic, Analytical, Common Sense Dogma, Rigidity, Distortion, Intuition
24.   WISDOM- Discernment, Universal Truth, Non-reactiveness, Knowingness Ignorance, Superficiality, Haste, Trivia, Bias, Pettiness
25.   NONJUDGMENT- Impartiality, Fairness, Golden Rule Prejudice, Bias, Comparison, Persecution, Contempt
26.   WONDER- Awe, Amazement, Curiosity, Learning, Child’s Mind, Mystery Apathy, Indifference, Arrogance, Thanklessness
27.   SIMPLICITY- Uncomplicated, Frugality, Un-cluttered, Understandable, Pure Materialism, Complexity, Clutter, Drama
28.   FREEWILL- Choice, Intention, Volition, Discipline, Effort, Initiation, Attitude, Individuality Fear, Socialization, Addiction, Divine Will
29.   INTUITION- Insight, Knowingness, Mind’s Eye, Inner Voice, Gut Feeling, Innate Understanding Anxiety, Close-mindedness, Practicality, Reason
30.   INFINITUDE- Unbound Potential, Innate Capability, Abundance, Awesomeness, Flow Limitation, Socialization, Complacency, Inadequacy
31.   CREATIVITY – Expression, Artistry, Imagination, Sexuality, Movement, Spontaneity Suppression, Socialization, Perfectionism
32.   OPTIMISM- Positivity, Hope, Confidence, Certitude Fear, Negativity, Cynicism, Scarcity
33.   CHANGE- Transition, Growth, Time Resistance, Denial, Stagnation, Complacency
34.   SOLITUDE- Seclusion, Individuation, Repose, Introversion Loneliness, Fear, Socialization
35.   LIGHT- Lightness, Life-giving, Sun, Illumination, Understanding Complexity, Stagnation, Gravity, Denial, Secrecy
36.   NOW- Present Moment, Presence, Being, I Am Past, Future, Worry, Anxiety, Detached, Ungrounded
37.   ENERGY- Life Force, Vibration, Karma, Balance, Attraction, Chi Resistance, Suppression, Ignorance, Manipulation
38.   BEAUTY- Intrinsic Value Apathy, Judgment
39.   BODY- Wise-Gift-Vessel, Movement, Instincts, Senses, Health, Sex Neglect, Shame, Cravings, Impulse, Perfectionism, Vanity
40.   NATURE- Creation, Mother Earth, Universe, Nurturance, Tree of Life Neglect, Denial, Thanklessness, Destruction
41.   STILLNESS- Silence, Quiet, Deceleration, Pause Busyness, Striving, Rush, Distraction
42.   BREATH- Life, Prana Stress, Fear, Disconnection
43.   PRAYER- Blessing, Praise Apathy, Disbelief
44.   MEDITATION- Pause, Mental Calm, Going Within Monkey-Mind, Racing Thoughts, Intrusive Thoughts
45.   MANTRA-Protection of the Mind, Affirmation Limiting Beliefs, Monkey-Mind
46.   SURRENDER- Allowance, Acquiescence, Receptivity, Deference Desire to Control, Resistance, Doubt, Rigidity
47.   MINDFULNESS- Present, Awareness, Consciousness, Witness Unconsciousness, Lack of Awareness, Monkey-Mind, Busy-ness, Distraction
48.   SELF-AWARENESS- Self Examination, Inquiry, Acknowledgment Lack of Awareness, Fear, Avoidance, Denial
49.   FORGIVENESS- Repentance, Atonement, Redemption Vengeance, Grudge Holding, Animosity, Self-Hate, Guilt, Shame, Regret, Pettiness
50.   HEALING- Growth, Recovery, Process, Remembrance Trauma, Wounds, Stagnation, Atrophy, Fear, Denial, Avoidance
51.   SERVICE- Helpfulness, Altruism, Seva, Selflessness, Volunteerism Selfishness, Ignorance, Scarcity
52.   COMMUNION- Grace, Yoga, Intimacy, Community, Interconnectedness, Reunion Separateness