Our Infinitude is our boundless capacity to be and express─ our Divine self here on Earth. It is us without a container, without labels, allowed to flow and expand. It is the Bliss of being on target, of meshing our actions and words with our soul’s mission.

Infinitude also fosters a sense of Equanimity in a context of feeling empowered and expansive. We have no fear and feel free in this expansiveness which might otherwise be overwhelming to those who limit their potential. Infinitude is our potential expressed and how we feel when we are fully in our Truth.

If we are each a unique part of a Divine fabric, Infinitude is the thread that taps into and harnesses the power and being of the overall tapestry. It is a Communion. It is an Energy transfer from the fabric to the individual thread. Here, we feel part of a greater Divinity.

With Infinitude, you are “on fire.” You are on a roll, driving on all cylinders. The expression of who you really are flows to all that you do and all whom you meet. Time is lost. Infinitude is a flow of constant Nows.

With Infinitude, you are in your element, fully aligned with your Divine mission, in Service. Infinitude can feel like a drug. However, it is fully legal and, what’s more, cosmically encouraged. Infinitude says, “You can do anything!” while at the same time laser-focuses on your mission in life.

With Infinitude, limitations imposed by self and other have disappeared. All sense of inadequacy has faded away. Love rules, fuels and wins all duels. Divine Energy permeates. Courage is the default way of being. The human heart expands without danger to its human operator. Mind, Body and soul are perfectly aligned. All systems are Go─ and boy do they! There is a sense of knowingness and deference to Intuition within the element of Infinitude.

Infinitude is you being you, on task, soul ascended.

Ralph Called It

Ralph Waldo Emerson, who is often considered the father of the modern American spirituality movement, was once asked what most impressed him. His answer: “The INFINITUDE of the individual.”

If you know a little more about him, you probably know what he meant. He espoused that each person is capable of so much when they are spiritually connected and in line with their Truth.

I relate Infinitude not only to Emerson’s work and words but also to the concept of Flow as discussed by author Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. “Flow” is described as being totally engaged and in touch with a particular activity, maximizing the use of skill and ability to the point that we are on a roll and the activity is performed at its optimal level. Ego is shed and we are oblivious to the passing of time. Musicians who play jazz sets for hours on end are a good example. They are “in the groove,” i.e. in Infinitude.

Infinitude implies that we can live our life in this flow, maximizing our happiness and most fully serving our dharma and destiny as well as the trajectory of our spiritual DNA.

We have all seen people who seem to have found their Infinitude. They blissfully do exactly what they were intended to do, with ease and flow. We are often amazed at their talent and what seems to be an extraordinary proliferation of creative expression or productivity of some type. We may even say, “That person is in their element.” We have all seen this. We know it exists. If we are lucky, we ourselves have even tasted it. It is an obtainable Holy Grail for anyone, at any time.

“Most people fail in life not because they aim too high and miss but because they aim too low and hit.” -Les Brown

Infinitude Intimidates

Boundless opportunity of choice and expansion can be overwhelming to be around, in contrast to the lives of limitation and containment that most individuals lead. It might just seem like too much; people in this groove are untidy, overflowing, chaotic and unpredictable, albeit in an exciting way. One may say, grumbling, that life is simpler when our choices are limited, our boundaries are well defined and our days flow one to another in an unwavering routine of unchallenged blandness.

Many of us appear to have been conditioned to settle into some homeostasis of “okay-ness” in our lives. Our comfort zones are defined by the limitations we have placed upon ourselves— or that we have allowed others to place upon us. We hold onto our shame and our unconscious inadequacies because that is what we know and what we have gotten used to. The contrast, if we even recognize that there is one, can appear like the Devil Unknown. On the contrary, it can also be Divinity Unknown. It takes Energy to be mediocre and to hold ourselves back. That same Energy can be used to rise up, expand and be our higher self.

There is a famous quote by Marianne Williamson which speaks to this Element: “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”

Why aren’t we all riding the wave of our most-highest creative potential? Williamson answers the question: The power of the limitations placed upon us combined with the fear of unbridled expansion pulls us to opt out of Infinitude and take what feels like the safer route. What does this safer route look like? It looks like mediocre works in the world, complying with convention, and being a spectator to the Infinitude of others.

At the point where the fear wins out, we have abdicated and forgotten our Divinity and our True Self. One of Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreements is: Always Do Your Best. We dishonor our Divinity when we don’t. To live our lives in any kind of limited capacity is a sin, as all the great deeds that are destined to be done then go undone. All your great loves have not been loved and your great life has not been lived. These factors are in your hands, of course. They are found in the unlimited capacity of Infinitude.

Carl Jung asked, “Are we related to something Infinite─ or not?”

And if so, why do we aim so low?

Infinitude is Abundance

Infinitude is a state of optimal spiritual prosperity. We feel we have everything we need and those things that we need and do not have at the moment will make their way to us. At the same time, we don’t feel like we need a lot to be happy. We are focused on our mission to serve others and live out our Truth.

When we live with Infinitude, i.e. in Communion with Divinity, material wealth does not matter. We are not focused on material abundance of any kind. We get what we need to stay on point and complete our mission. We keep our eyes on this prize.

Miracles, signs and synchronicities happen when we are in a state of Infinitude; they matter more when we are en route to our Truth. At a certain point, however, we do not need external affirmations to tell us that we are on track. We simply know. The element of Infinitude tells us so.

Without even trying, material abundance may occur when we are in our Infinitude. This is because the state of Infinitude is a state of abundance and alignment with our Divinity. We will get what we need to fulfill our mission, whatever that may equate to. Infinitude then allows us to deliver our goods in Service and with Love to other beings.

Humility and Service

The material abundance that comes along with Infinitude may be an ego boost as it provides an external validation of our worthiness. This kind of validation is something that is absolutely unnecessary when in the element of Infinitude, however. With material abundance there is sometimes the chance of pulling away from spiritual abundance. Humility becomes an important tool for us to use. Keeping ourselves in check so we do not let our success go to our heads is an important on-going practice. Humility helps us remember that the creative flow that we are in is a gift from the Divine.

To stay in Infinitude is to feel awesome and fully capable. We are kicking ass and taking names. We may be applauded and, in the meantime, we simply live our Truth and feel it. We cannot allow all the accolades to make us feel self-important or better than others in any way. We stay humble. We honor God’s glory and the gifts we have been given. We give and Serve in the spirit of honoring our Divinity and the capability granted to us. The power of Infinitude is never about power over others. It is a power emanating from our True self. When we are in the element of Infinitude, we wish the same blessings for others that we ourselves experience.

To feel awesome and stay humble at the same time is a challenge, yet it is the state where Infinitude resides.

Infinitude is Bliss expressed and experienced in living our Truth. It ultimately plays itself out in Service to others. When we are in our Infinitude, we are likely Serving and benefitting others. These recipients of our time and efforts can sense our Infinitude. They can see that we are in our element. The creative arts stand out as the shining example. Watching your favorite performing artist push the limits of creativity and share this feat with an audience is likely an experience of Infinitude for everybody present.


When we open ourselves up to Infinitude, we are on top of the mountain. This is Kilimanjaro. We see the world. We see forever. We still feel our feet on the ground. We are aware of our own bodies and the great expanse before us. We know we are part of this expanse and we feel the power of it. We are literally high on life, and this high lifts us up in all endeavors and interactions.

We don’t appear magically at the top of this mountain, even though it feels like magic to be there. For most, there is a climb involved. There are also many dark nights of the soul, many rest stops, some backtracking and many moments of feeling lost, disillusioned, confused and frustrated along the way.

We may have even have played the part of Sisyphus for a while, condemning ourselves into pushing a gigantic stone up a steep mountain for what seems like eternity. Many of us are very good at making things harder than they have to be.

Try as we might through force, coercion and sheer, stubborn will, we will never reach that mountaintop until we Surrender to our Divine selves. Infinitude is always there. It is always accessible. But we have to allow it through Surrender. And we have to remove the barriers. When we live our Truth, that’s when it happens. That’s when that rock rolls into place.

We have likely tasted Infinitude here and there over the years, especially as young children. Lost in play, we felt Infinitude when we were doing something we Love without concern for time or the opinion of others. There is innocence to the state of Infinitude that is not jaded by social convention, trauma or the wounds of modern living.

The opposing force to Infinitude is the human tendency towards holding onto feelings of inadequacy on some level and that abundance/Infinitude is somewhere outside of ourselves. Thoughts of “I’m not good enough,” “I can never do it,” or even “I should give up this dream and be practical” are contrary to what Infinitude is all about.

We let Infinitude in by removing barriers to it through Self-awareness, Healing and living our Truth in our everyday lives. When you do get tastes of Infinitude, Surrender to it. Make a mental note and follow that trails of Divine clues towards your authentic self.

Harnessing and capturing your own personal Infinitude can be work, much of it trial-and-error. But when you do find it, you know it. Those who achieve it often have wondrous stories of overcoming tremendous obstacles. Despite all this, they appear as capable, vital individuals in their own life. Once obtained, Infinitude is a form of daily Bliss.


When we taste Infinitude and learn to Surrender to it, it can be a space we can gently hold on to. We can choose to stay within it if we sense it leaving or transforming into some other Energy, like hubris. We can do this when we are Mindful in holding the sacred space in which it lives.

A central message of Infinitude is: Despite what you have been told, taught, or made to feel consciously or unconsciously, you are not inherently inadequate. In fact, quite the opposite is true. You are more than adequate. You are Infinite. You are Divine.


Truth is one of the closest elements to Infinitude. Our Truth comforts us by steering and guiding us through the choices we make in life. When we live our Truth, we feel our Infinitude, our unbounded capacity to do anything. At the same time, we become laser-focused on that Truth and commit our Infinitude to that. In addition, in living our Truth with Infinitude, we break through the threshold that once held any sense of inadequacy in place.

Bliss is the natural feeling of our soul unembodied. Bliss feeds Infinitude and Infinitude expresses Bliss here on Earth when we are fully aligned with our souls’ mission.

Service is what naturally happens when we live a life in Infinitude. We give the gifts and talents of our Truth selves in Service to others.

Humility acknowledges the Divine origin of the Infinitude we feel. We stay humble in our awesomeness, giving honor to the Divine and not judging others as we see the Divinity within them.

The application of continual Surrender to Infinitude supports living our Truth and removes underlying imprints of inadequacy.

Love, in the form of self-love and Self-Awareness, is key for Infinitude to blossom.

Infinitude is a Divine energy of Blissful Communion when living our Truth in Service to others.

Mindfulness can help us to stay in Infinitude.

Infinitude gives us an overwhelming sense Joy and Bliss when it comes to the choices we make in life, instead of fear and overwhelm.

Non-Attachment keeps us from holding on to old ways of being and keeps us from clinging to familiar patterns of shame or inadequacy.


  • Replace self-limiting beliefs with positive affirmations and mantras.
  • Journal about the intuitions and thoughts you have about your true life’s purpose at this time. What are some hints life has given you in that direction? Often, life, circumstances and random interactions give us feedback regarding our authentic path that we tend to suppress or ignore. Be open to the information life may give you, and follow your Intuition. Keep a small notebook with you for a week and write down any synchronicities or gut feelings that may arise about your life’s purpose throughout your day.
  • Set a plan in writing to achieve your true life’s purpose.
  • Say Nay to Naysayers. Avoid being led astray by the many barriers others will bring up towards your ability to achieve your goal, such as “You don’t have the time,” “You don’t have the money,” or even, “That’s just not very important/that’s a waste of time.”
  • Build a positive support system around yourself. Join communities relating to your Truth/heart’s desires.
  • Embrace uncertainty. Set your intentions to achieve your goals yet notice when you are attempting to control all outcomes. Go with the flow at times. Your path will unfold.
  • If you have the means, consider taking a class or a workshop to sharpen up a skill you’ve always wanted to develop, but from which you’ve been holding yourself back.
  • Live in Service. Volunteering is a great way to not only remind yourself of your infinite manifestations (in the form of other people, all to whom you are connected) but also to discover skills and interests you never knew you had.
  • When experiencing Infinitude, bask in it. Surrender to it, and know that you are inherently worthy of it.


I Am My Infinitude; I am My Infinite Self, Divine.

I Release All Limitations; I Release All that Holds Me Back

I am Pure Energy, Peace at this Moment, Courageously and Willfully Present.

I am Perfectly Me.

I am Enough. I am More Than Adequate. I am Fully Expansive and Growing.

I Am So Much More Than the Labels Placed Upon Me.

I Know Who I am; I know My True Essence, Divine.