Light was always included as an element in early drafts of what would come to be the Table of Spiritual Elements. Admittedly, however, I didn’t give it much thought. I recall it specifically rolling off my tongue as one of the three in the triptych “Truth, Light and Beauty.” It was definitely a “first round draft pick.”

When I sat down to meditate about Light with my guiding questions in mind, what resonated with me was the concept of Light in association with the meaning of the word in terms of “Lightness” (i.e., not heavy, complicated nor serious). I was overcome with a pleasant feeling of being “Light” about the element of Light. I felt unburdened by sorrow or worry and was accepting of the moment in a joyful, loving manner. This feeling guided me to not let the darker aspects of humanity rule the day or color my overall demeanor. It was the feeling of having a child-like mind, with Wisdom easily accessible. Interestingly, there was Wisdom inherent in maintaining this Lightness of mind.

Enjoying the insight, I asked for greater guidance and understanding. In response, I received a Mantra: “Be Like a Feather.” The Mantra immediately became associated with the feeling of Lightness for me and even now I can use it to bring up that feeling.

Commensurate with the Mantra was the understanding to not complicate this feeling of being Light and to not try to over-understand it or over-define it. An aspect of its essence is Simplicity.

In the context of the Table and spiritual growth and transformation, Light came to be a contrasting energy to the heaviness that sometimes comes along with contemplating spiritual concepts. Our brows can become furrowed. We can take it too seriously. We can get frustrated on the search for an imagined Holy Grail or even just a nugget of cosmic Truth. In this process of doing our spiritual work, we are often reflecting upon personal Healing and engaging in trauma recovery at the same time. It can be heavy stuff.

Light keeps us in a soft, receptive place as we explore our spirituality and our lives. It is a reminder of the Joy, Bliss and Love which pervade us. It unfurrows our brow and reminds us that total understanding of any one of the elements is not necessary. Acceptance of some amount of mystery is okay. Mastery and control of all aspects of our lives is not essential. Rigid or forceful energies do not help our cause.

While seeking greater Wisdom, we can stop, smell the roses, enjoy strawberries, smile, even dance! With Light, we can see that enjoying such moments is Wisdom itself.

In ancient Egypt, they believed in what was called the Weighing of the Heart ceremony. Upon passing, a soul’s heart would be weighed on a scale in comparison with a feather. If the heart balanced with the feather, the soul was able to proceed to the afterlife. If the heart was weighted down with Earthly matters, sorrows and worries, and exceeded the weight of the feather, the soul was gobbled up by an awaiting crocodile-like creature and the soul would then cease to exist.

Be Like a Feather. Be Light.

I Am Light

I often hear blessings of “Love and Light.” I had met people self-described as “Light Workers.” I had experienced various meditations focused upon visualizing pure white Light entering through the crown of the head and cleansing the psyche and energy centers of the Body. I had experienced similar visualizations that expanded the Light within me.

I have also had and still hold a definition of Light as Divine energy. Light is the Divine energy within and the Divine energy of the greater Universe outside of ourselves. It is an invisible intelligence that animates life and presides within all creation. Light is our true essence. It is a Healing resource. It is the reflection of our souls.

Light is bright yet it does not blind. It illuminates. It shines Truth. Light is understanding, openness. It is infused with Love and Bliss.

It is a wisp of candlelight in the darkness, shining hope.

Light is therefore this powerful unbound energy, as in “Light-ness” and “Light as a feather.” Light is meant to be drawn in, absorbed and emitted. It moves. It cleanses. It is to be enjoyed with unfurrowed brow. God’s Energy, Light, is Light-hearted. We are all to Light-en up. We are to be en-Light-ened.

“Do not take life’s experiences too seriously. Do not make them part of yourself.” -Paramhansa Yogananda

Light Shines on Dark

Dark is part of who we are. It is that part of us which Light has not yet shined upon, which we may hide from Light— those parts of us that we may feel ashamed of or don’t understand. These parts of us hold valuable information as to who we are, where we have been, what our wounds are and how we may heal.

When we shine Light on that which is dark, we become conscious of it. It can still exist and by becoming aware of it, we can, at the very least, gain Acceptance. In turn, those dark parts diminish in power. They simply disappear or are integrated into who we are.

We become more conscious when we explore the dark and when the dark becomes known.

We shine Light upon it. Secrets are exposed, discussed. The elephant in the room is introduced and acknowledged. Skeletons come out of the closet. Suppressed feelings which weighed us down before are moved out. Wounds heal in the Light.

The dark that has been part of us informs us of who we are. We can still focus on our Light, the Divine energy of our Truth. At the same time as the dark helps to define our Truth, it does not need to solely define it.

When we focus on our Light and acknowledge the dark, the dark is reduced to mere shadows.

Dark which has not otherwise been exposed to Light weighs too much─ much more than a feather in fact.

“Anytime we are not providing light, darkness sets in.” -Marianne Williamson

Dark Moments

We all experience what seem to be dark moments in our life. During these moments, we suffer. We are in pain and our faith in Divinity is severely tested. During these times, it will seem as if there is no Light within the darkness. Contrary to a feeling of having no hope, there is always a Light within us waiting to guide us. Letting go, not being attached to the darkness, is key. Letting go and allowing for Change is the key.

We will tend to block our own Light and place barriers around this guidance system. It is at our darkest moments that we need to allow ourselves to see the Light within and let it guide us. It still makes sense to keep our eyes open in the dark so that we may see the Light.

We will Persevere by this Light.

“Let nothing dim the light that shines within.” -Maya Angelou

Creatures of the Light

Despite the night owls amongst us, we are, for the most part, creatures of the Light. Among many cultures, the Sun and Light were the original manifestation of Divine power. It became evident that Sunlight gives life from which the Light of our lives is sustained.

We as a species across cultures have long celebrated the Sun, Moon, and stars, all reflecting of Light, along with various measures of that Light, such as Solstices and Equinoxes.

This Light, as we have experienced it for eons, has been a great teacher of lessons for us. Light teaches us to be life giving and sustaining, to shine our Light and to let the Light of others shine.

This Light of Nature shines without judgment, attachment or resistance to Change. It Perseveres, Nurtures, and gives. It is Simplicity in action.

“Shine like the whole Universe is yours” -Rumi

This Life is but a Minute

There is a thought that helps me keep my life Light in weight and in degree of regret, sorrow or seriousness. It goes like this:

This life is but a minute in the story of our souls; a precious minute, but still, it is just a minute.

In my mind, this descriptor recognizes our Divinity as well as our duty to make the most of each gift of life; I get the feeling that our souls will proceed and learn from each time embodied. We can have do-overs. We get more than one chance to learn our lessons. In this sense, I don’t fear death. I am not afraid that my life will not be absolutely perfect in terms of either pleasing others or having to be some kind of grand ascended master. I will simply do my best to follow my own Truth as best as I can.

We do our best; we can cut ourselves some slack. This self-adorned Light-ness (of not having to nail everything down just right) makes us more receptive to awakening processes, which are always Light and Joy-full in the long run.


As Light is the Energy of Divinity, all of the elements of the Periodic Table of Spiritual Elements support its manifestation. In the context of the lesson to “Be Like a Feather” (and in contemplating your own metaphoric Heart Weighing Ceremony), there are certain elements which serve to Lighten the load of the heart and therefore help one to better manifest the Divine Energy of Light.

Each of these elements release “weight:” Non-Attachment, Non-Judgment, Forgiveness, Healing, Surrender, Acceptance in general and Acceptance of Change.

Still other elements more directly serve to Lighten as they serve as “wind beneath our wings:” Love, Bliss, Truth, Faith, Humility, Courage, Equanimity, Devotion, Gratitude, Joy, Optimism, Generosity, Healing, Service, Breath and Wonder.

Everyday practices and experiences that bring Joy, that help us have fun, that help us see the Divinity in all around us and that keep things “Light” are accessible forms of Light and help us to grow in that element.

Simplicity assists with Light-ness as well. With Simplicity, we have less to burden us. We look for ease of understanding and teaching. We enjoy the simple things in life. We keep things Light.


  • Picture yourself flying in an old-fashioned hot air balloon. The balloon is slowly sinking towards the Earth. You know that you need to Lighten the load of the basket in order to continue the flight. What weights are pulling you down? What will you release over the side of the balloon so you can go on with your journey?
  • Meditate with a soft glance upon a candle. Picture the candlelight within your heart.
  • Run your Light Energy: Sit down in a chair or on the ground to engage in Meditation or breathing and relaxation exercises. Keep a straight spine with eyes closed. Ask and visualize any Energy not serving you to leave your Body out through where you are in contact with the Earth, or imagine a cord that goes down from your spine into the center of the Earth through which the Energy not serving you can be dispersed. Now imagine a bright ball of Light above your head. Ask for and visualize Light from this source returning any Energy that you need that you have given away, or any Divine Energy that might serve you. Picture that Light entering through the crown of your head. Now, imagine Light from this source visiting each part of your Body as it engages in cleansing and reinvigorating you with Divine Energy. If you are familiar with each of the Chakra Energy centers of the Body, run this Energy through each Chakra from the root Chakra upward. Repeat as necessary and allow the Light to spend time where it needs to. When you reach a point when you feel this cleansing work is done for the time being, give thanks for the energy of Light and any Healing received.
  • Engage in Forgiveness on a constant basis.
  • Engage the element of Wonder through spiritual learning and exploration.
  • If you are sad, go out into the sun. Be sad in the sun.
  • Learn to smile softly, and often. Keep jaws and facial muscles relaxed.
  • Laugh at yourself in a non-critical manner.
  • Celebrate different forms of Light in Nature: sunrises, full moons, Solstices, Equinoxes and the stars.
  • Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders. Manage the Energies that you take on.


Be Like a Feather: I Am Light and My Life Unfolds In Divine Order.

Let Nothing Dim The Light That Shines Within Me. (inspired by Maya Angelou)

I Am Pure Energy, Peace at this Moment; I Am Courageous and Willfully Present.

The Brief Comprehensive Prayer:

I Know Who I Am; I Know My True Essence (Divine)

I Know Who I Am; I Am Humble and Grateful Before the Universe

I Know Who I Am; I Wish Happiness for All Others

I Know Who I Am; I Am Open to the Guidance Dance and Healing Power of the Universe

I Know Who I Am; I Am Bliss